UOC GameJam 2019

Good news! In December we will be holding our annual Gamejam competition and it’s open to all comers!

The Theme

Games will be required to be based upon a theme. The theme for this year’s Gamejam is ‘DISTRUST’.


What is a Game Jam?

Gamejams are social, collaborative events wherein people gather to create a working game in a short period of time. Ours will take place over 96 hours and unless declared (see “Can I use other people’s assets?“), all work needs to be created in this time.


When is it?

Gamejam will take place over 96 hours, running from 12pm Monday 9/12/19, to 12pm Friday 13/12/19.

The exception is for paper-based games, which will launch as above, but need to be submitted on or before Tuesday 16/12/19. See “Can I submit a paper-based game?”, below for more info.


How do I join?

You can do so on our Eventbrite page. There you can register your details, ask any questions, or add any special requirements that you may have. Any notifications will then be sent to you automatically. If you wish to create and register as a team, you’ll need to create a (free) Eventbrite account.


How is it judged?

The games are judged by industry professionals and the categories are:

Best video game

Best non-computer game

Most inventive game

Best non-student/graduate game


When will I found out that I’ve won?

Playtesting will be on the morning of Friday 17/01/20, the winners will be announced at 2pm.


Can I play the other entries?

Absolutely; on the day of announcement, the Gamejam entries will be exhibited for everyone to play.


Where is it?

Gamejam takes place at the University of Cumbria’s Brampton road campus, here in Carlisle. Contact details and a live map can be found at the bottom of the page. You can find a campus map HERE and a parking and travel guide HERE. Ask at reception for a visitor parking permit.

However, the Gamejam is also available online, allowing you to take place wherever you are.


I’m coming to Brampton Road, do I need to bring anything with me?

Not especially, although if you have a particular set up you’re used to, a laptop may come in handy.


Can a game be made in four days?

It certainly can; last year saw entries in the form of third person puzzle games, first person shooters, 2D platformers music-based endless runners.


I have no experience in game making software, can I still be involved?

By all means! Gamejam is for everyone of all experience and skill levels; join a group and contribute through designs, artwork, ideas, play-testing and more. Also…


Can I submit a paper-based game?

Of course. Card, table-top, board, paper-based, or games that do not require a computer are also welcomed. Make sure to include a comprehensive set of rules, as well as anything that may be needed to play the game.


The only difference for a paper-based game is that we ask you to post your creation to us. This ensures that the artwork and all the elements are in the right scale, colours, resolution and so forth.

The deadline for physical, or paper-based games is Tuesday 17/12/19. Any submissions received post-marked with this date or earlier will be fine.

Please send your entries to:

Games Design at the University of Cumbria
Brampton Road


Is there hardware and software available?

On site we have high-end PCs, Macs and a suite of industry standard software, including but not limited to; 3dsMax, Maya, the Unreal Engine 4, Unity, Photoshop (+ Adobe CC), Substance, Mudbox and ZBrush.


Which programs can be used in making the game?

Any, as long as it is possible to open and play the game as a standalone. The game needs to be packaged so that it can run without the software with which it was created. It’s worth double checking this by running and checking the finished game on a different computer.


Can I use other people’s assets?

You may use work from other sources, if you have a license that allows it. If such material is used, be clear and declare it on an intro screen.


Are there any rules regarding team size?

Nope, you can work alone or in any size group. Really big groups may prove problematic in the time frame, though.


Who owns the game I make?

You do. Although be aware that any games made with software on site will be created under an educational license. We would also like to retain a copy of the game for possible promotional purposes.


How do I submit my game?

On campus, games can be loaded straight onto our network.

If you are taking part externally, they can be submitted to our Drop-Box, using this link.
You will need to fill out some basic info for your game, download a submission form for your entry here.

A single, zipped folder is preferable, make sure to include the name of your team and members in the submission form.


Any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Good luck, we’ll see you in January!